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F-Tool International

Welcome to F-Tool International AG

Our many years of experience in electrical discharge machining, specifically in relation to clamping systems, has led us to explore new avenues and develop new products that are uncompromisingly tailored to suit the needs of today’s users. With its clamping systems and services for tool and mould construction and precision mechanics, F-Tool provides system solutions that can succeed in global competition and that are used by leading companies every day.
It is our mission to provide as much value as possible for the user. Our strategy for achieving this is to shorten distribution channels and rationalise products while modifying them to suit new requirements, so that we can save costs and keep up with global trends.
Whether you are a direct user of our products and services or a distribution partner whose involvement in this strategy is via customer visits, it is a pleasure for us to join you as you move forward to new horizons. Our staff are highly trained and enjoy giving their all to assist you, in line with F-Tool’s philosophy of providing quality at a reasonable price.

Kind regards,

Your F-Tool Team


Our services

F-Tool International AG develops and distributes clamping systems and products for tool and mould construction and precision mechanics. We assist and maintain excellent relations with a prestige international customer base. Our team of consultants has extensive experience and responds to the customers’ needs. With developments fine-tuned to the needs of the users, we keep on creating new products and adding them to the F-Tool sales portfolio so that customers can benefit from them. We can also provide customised system solutions as required. If you would like to make use of our wide-ranging experience, please request a non-committal consulting session. 


Readiness for delivery

With our extensive stock, we can provide rapid deliveries at all times. We can often create customised solutions by modifying existing products, rapidly and in line with user needs. Active worldwide, organised centrally, with local support. This is our sphere of activity, and it is one you can rely on 


Top quality at a reasonable price

When it comes to tooling, good quality is normally extremely costly. It doesn’t have to be this way. F- Tool has revised conventional clamping systems and developed new ideas that have been fine-tuned to satisfy the users’ needs and that represent outstanding value for money. A large number of products, in particular the clamping sets for wire-cut EDM, work with high precision and are manufactured from stainless steel. We guarantee top quality and look forward to redefining your quality expectations. With a minimum of fuss. To ensure that you pay a fair price.



F-Tool International AG is part of the EROWA Group, founded in Schöftland in 2005 as a development company for Eco Line, which is currently marketed worldwide under the name F-Tool. Following a successful start and multiple patent applications, the company relocated to Büron in 2014. 


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